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Currently Order Export Manager supports exporting in CSV, XML, XLSX, and TXT. You can select the exact format here.

Export file name

You can specify the name of the file that wil contain export. This name should not contain file extension (.csv, .txt, etc.).

You can use following tokens in file names:

  • %yyyy% for full year of export date

  • %mm% for month of export date

  • %dd% for day of export date

  • %hh% for hour, when export was performed

  • %mi% for minute, when export was performed

Compress file

If checked, generated export file will be compressed to ZIP format.

Save the feed file

This field has three options:

  • None — File will be downloaded to user's computer.

  • Folder — File will be saved to a folder on server.

  • FTP — File will be saved on a server using FTP, SFTP, or FTPS protocol.

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